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Deploy with Deta

Learn to self-host an RSSerpent instance on Deta (for free) through this tutorial.

Access Token

In order to deploy on Deta, you need to create an account at first.

After successful registration & sign-in, you will need to create an access token so that RSSerpent could help you do the rest!

  1. Go to your home page{username}/;

  2. Click the Settings tab, then click the Create Token button;

    Create Deta Token

  3. Copy the generated access token to your clipboard.

Read Deta's document if you have any question/concern about the access token.

Use the Template

RSSerpent provides a Deta deployment template. You will need an GitHub account before continuing.

  1. Go to the template on GitHub;
  2. Click the Template Button button.

You will be prompted to create a repository based on the template. After successful creation:

  1. Go to your repository's Settings tab;
  2. Go to the Secrets section, click the New repository secret button;
  3. Create a secret whose name is DETA_TOKEN and whose value is the Deta access token you just created.

    Create Deta Action Secret

GitHub will need the access token so that it could automatically deploy your RSSerpent instance on Deta.

Running πŸŽ‰

  1. In your repository's Actions tab, locate the Update workflow, click the Run workflow button to manually trigger the first deployment;

    Run Update Workflow

  2. Go to your home page, under the default project's Micros list, select rsserpent, you will see the URL of your instance (usually at the top-right corner.

Open that URL in your browser. If you see the "Welcome to RSSerpent!" message, congratulations, you are good to go!


If you wish to add RSSerpent plugins, read [Install Plugins].

If you need a custom domain, read Deta's document.

Last update: 2022-03-18
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