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Install Plugins


Be careful not to mistake rsserpent.txt for requirements.txt.

The default template doesn't do much. In order to unleash the full power of RSSerpent, you will need to add RSSerpent plugins to the rsserpent.txt file.

You could clone the repository to edit rsserpent.txt locally, or you could just use the GitHub web interface if you are not familiar with git.

Several things to note when writing rsserpent.txt:

  • It's the same as writing requirements.txt for any Python project;
  • Do not modify requirements.txt, only edit rsserpent.txt. GitHub Actions will be in charge of automatically updating requirements.txt and deploying your instance;
  • By automatically it means every week or every time you commit changes to the repository;
  • It's recommended to not specify versions so that GitHub Actions could automatically updates them;

    # PyPI
    # Git
    rsserpent-plugin-bilibili @ git+
  • If you do need a specific version of some dependency, you could always pin its version with:

    # PyPI
    # Git
    rsserpent-plugin-bilibili @ git+

Last update: 2022-03-18
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